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This is Sam Pepper. If you don’t know who he is, Sam is a successful YouTube prankster with over 2 million subscribers. He recently uploaded a video titled “Fake Hand Ass Pink Prank" where he pinched unsuspecting girls’ butts without their permission. None of this was done with the girls’ consent…meaning Sam Pepper sexually harassed and assaulted these women.

This is no longer a “simple, harmless prank” but rather a very serious matter and offence. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch, dislike, and report it HERE. You can also take the pledge to help stop sexual violence at Please do not let Sam get away with this kind of behavior. He crossed the line and needs to be held responsible for his disgusting actions.

You all need to chill. Acting like he deserves to go to jail for this…
I get that you dislike what he did and that’s totally cool, tell him that you didn’t like what he did but damn you’re acting like he raped someone. Having forced sex and touching someone’s ass aren’t on the same level of offense.

I’m assuming you don’t know the true definition of sexual assault. I highlighted the parts that pertain to this video. It is defined as a form of sexual violence, any involuntary sexual act in which a person is threatened, coerced, or forced to engage against their will, or any non-consensual sexual touching of a person. This includes rape, groping, forced kissing (which Sam also did in another video), child sexual abuse, or the torture of the victim in a sexual manner. This is a statutory offense. “This crime also deals with non-penetrative sexual activity.”

Educate yourself.